Group Classes

The farm at natchez trace

Canine Inc. group dog training classes are offered regularly in partnership with The Farm at Natchez Trace, located in Nashville, TN. These classes are an educational opportunity for both dogs and owners. Once you’re armed with a better understanding of your dog’s natural drive, motivations and skills, we’re certain you two will communicate better.

Group classes focus on:

  • Common behavioral problems and solutions
  • Choosing play toys and chew toys
  • Potty issues and solutions
  • Nutritional education
  • Playing with your dog(s)
  • Dog-to-dog introductions
  • Providing correct mental and physical stimulation
  • Fair and consistent leadership

Classes are limited to 10 dogs and owners. We meet for approximately one hour per week and sessions last for six weeks. During class, your instructor will guide you through the curriculum, answer questions and assign weekly homework.  Call or Email us to learn more about our group training classes

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If you're interested in group classes, signup here or visit The Farm at Natchez Trace’s website for the latest class schedule.