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Our Family Estate Protection Companions are truly the best guard dogs for sale. Family Estate Protection dogs are specially trained to handle different emergency environments likely to harm you, your family, and your assets.

The caliber of dog that qualifies for this program goes through a system of rigorous courage testing. These top guard dogs must not only possess pure gentle and loving qualities, they must be able to turn the fight on when multiple attackers and weapons are present. The goal of the Family Estate Protection Companion’s training is to create, address and win every scenario you are purchasing this dog to prevent violent home invasions, drugged out attackers who can’t feel pain, to multiple offenders with weapons, the Family Estate Protection Companion is prepared not just to protect your life, but to win the fight. The Family Estate Protection Companions we offer are truly the best guard dogs available anywhere on the market today.

The Family Estate Protection Companion brings additional abilities to the table. Aside from more training, their ability to fight harder, longer and with more calculated decisions sets them apart. It’s important to note that this line is incredibly balanced. There is no concern about accidental bites, or feeling like you can’t have your dog around family, friends, kids, workers, etc. The guard dogs we have available for sale will view everyone as a friend, until they become a threat. Most attacks are executed by individuals the victim is familiar with. Just like a well adjusted, highly trained black belt, an individual will only call upon their training in the event of a life threatening situation.

Levels of Response / Instinct and Training Profile:

  • Behavioral Assessment: Our top guard dogs will assess the behavior(s) of one or multiple individuals within “Vulnerability Radius” (space around you and your family in which an individual(s) could strike within a matter of only a couple to a few seconds.
  • State of Alert: dog’s senses begin honing in and focusing on a potential threat to the safety of you and your family. Instincts begin to heighten.
  • Handler Behavioral Read: Dog senses your energy in order to detect fear, anxiety or discomfort in the presence of an individual(s).
  • In the event of an abrupt attack, i.e. no conversation is had, or short conversation, extremely limited time for human to react to attacker; Family Estate Protection Companion will automatically react to protect you and your family by committing to aggressive alert barking and defending with a confident full bite to the most imminent threat. The guard dogs that we have available for sale can protect against more than one aggressive attacker.
  • In the event of a potential attacker creating the appearance of a threat through verbiage or physical action(s), i.e. showing a weapon, The Family Estate Protection Companion will alert you to said threat through “Stage I Alert Barking” (deep calculated barking tones directed toward potential threat). At this point Family Protection Companion will wait for your command as long as the suspect doesn’t automatically attack you or your family. If threat becomes more intense or more imminent, the Family Protection Companion with begin “Stage II Alert Barking” (Deep fast paced barking, lips likely to be curled back to show teeth, saliva flying from mouth).
  • Situations where more than one attacker is present, Canine Inc.’s top guard dogs have the ability to commit aggressive action toward an attacker specified by you.
  • Ability to attack multiple assailants
  • Ability to be directed to multiple assailants
  • Ability to target weapon hands

Obedient Protection Behaviors:

  • All behaviors reliable on and off leash
  • Proficiency in attacking specified target(s)
  • Family Estate Protection Dogs can be sent to apprehend an attacker and be called off before committing to a bite. This is an attribute found in Canine Inc’s best guard dogs. (Reliable safety standard in the event the attacker is the wrong person or gives up).
  • In the event you don’t want to send your dog, the Family Estate Protection Companion will remain in the heal position by your side while in “Stage I or Stage II Alert Barking” to allow you and your family safe exit to a panic room or protected, until authorities arrive. The Family Estate Protection Companion will direct aggressive behaviors toward threats regardless of the direction you must walk in, i.e. dog will maintain obedient protection behaviors while walking forwards, backwards or side to side.
  • “Body Guard” Family Estate Protection Companion will recall back into the heel position and remain there at full alert until you command otherwise. In the event of an assault, the Family Protection Companion will always react to fully protect you and your family.

Canine Alarm System

  • Ability to give your Family Protection Companion a command not to let anyone enter your home.

Canine Alarm System (Boundary)

  • Developing a specific boundary for your Family Estate Protection Companion to Protection, i.e. bedrooms, basements, lofts.

Protection Obedience:

  • Aggressive barking on command: Dog commits to full, deep and loud barking (some dogs will curl lips to show teeth)
  • Attack: Dog commits to a confident, full bite
  • Out: Dog lets go of attacker, regardless of the situation

Family Obedience

  • Loose Leash Walking / Heel
  • Sit with distance and duration (can be performed in motion)
  • Down with distance and duration (can be performed in motion)
  • Recall (come when called)
  • Flip (dog goes into heel position from front without going around body
  • Finish (dog goes into heel position from front by going around the body)
  • Stand (useful in veterinary office to look or palpate belly)
  • Place (boundary stay, useful at bedtime, dinner time or anytime you want your dog to relax in a specified area
  • Free (We believe the word “stay” is counter intuitive to the idea of obedience. Our idea is that if we tell a dog to sit, or down, that's what they should do until given another command or released from that command: hence “free.”
  • Hop (command used for jumping over obstacles or into vehicles
  • Out (letting go of an object)