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The Canine Inc. Truck

Friday February 25, 2011

Canine Inc. Truck

Canine Inc. provides safe, secure transportation for all of our four legged clients to and from any destination. We want all of our clients to know that while their dogs are in our care, we aren't putting them in a portable kennel, putting them in the back seat of a car, or any other situation that could potentially be dangerous during travel.

We have a dedicated Chevrolet Tahoe that is completely customized inside and out. From the front seats all the way to the back, the SUV has been completely customized for dog safety and travel. Everything has been removed and two large dog transportation units have been installed, along with a drawer and food compartment system.

Canine Inc. Truck

The first system is called "a walk through" this is designed for dogs up to the size of a Great Dane! A non-spill water bucket has been installed with a soft floor for comfort. This space allows a dog to stand up and walk around, even lay down and go to sleep. This unit is bolted to the frame of the vehicle for the highest level of safety.

Canine Inc. Truck

In the rear of the vehicle there is an additional kennel that can comfortably fit dogs up to 85lbs and also has a soft floor insert for comfort. Next to this kennel is our storage system. It is equipped with a drawer system, holding up to 300lbs of equipment. The system above is designed for transport of other items like food or other dog items.

The outside of the Canine Inc. SUV is wrapped to display all that we are and all that we do. We are excited about the opportunity to safety transport your pet anywhere they need to go.

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